thirty nine weeks

Dear my tiniest treasure, I have wondered when to write this for months.  Never did I imagine that at thirty nine weeks you would be lying upon my chest, your heartbeat no longer an echo but a sound. You are mere hours away from two months of age but your age still bears the name […]

things i love:

being beside my husband in our car and him reaching across to stroke my arm tenderly. 2. the scent of LUSH’s Brightside bubble bar. 3. anticipating post(snail-mail to my american friends!) 4.  the tree beside the radio station near our house, that always lets me know i’m home. 5.  how the sound of the Gilmore […]

darkness will scatter.

I wake up with the bridge of a song that includes those lyrics dancing its way through my heart one morning. Darkness? In the most glorious season of my life? To a loved one with lesser insight it may indeed appear that this season must be glorious. Without question, it is. It is also the most difficult. She […]

this is my brave surrender.

“Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” -Terry Pratchett These windows are different. When it rains here I can see the droplets, so small and perfectly formed. This is not home. This rain is so unlike the storms i am used to. This steady rain will always come if […]

there’s so much grace.

I sat on our veranda. I ripped away a scar. No, you can’t remove scars. That is His work. It was a scab. Only a scab that I succeeded in the removal of. It bled. Again. I wasn’t ready to heal. He alone holds my times. How many times have I forgotten? Months later, my […]