things i love:

  1. being beside my husband in our car and him reaching across to stroke my arm tenderly.

2. the scent of LUSH’s Brightside bubble bar.

3. anticipating post(snail-mail to my american friends!)

4.  the tree beside the radio station near our house, that always lets me know i’m home.

5.  how the sound of the Gilmore Girls casts voices now feels like comfort, after watching the show from start to finish during a wearying season of my life.

6. worshipping into a microphone & the look that creeps across my best friend’s face as he listens.

7. flinging wide a door and running into a downpour of rain.

8. sitting in the warmth of my hair-drier as i dry my hair afterwards.

9. being known.

10. creating a perfect playlist.

11. the wonder that is the fluidity of my Aisha’s hips/dance moves.

12. iced strawberry lemonade from The Deli in Jinja.

13. every sparrow and robin that appears in my parent’s garden.

14. Fiesole, Florence.

15. the sound of my niecey-loves chattering in Russian.

16. saving my Feedly feed all weekend and having a host of beauty to savour on Sunday evenings.

17.  feeling my son’s tiny frame touching the walls of his mama.

18.  surprises.

19. Java House’s raspberry hot chocolate in my favourite pink mug, bought by my husband.

20. Heritage Fellowship Church, Tennessee’s worship.




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