just a festive scribble

You could have chosen to stay on higher plains Leaving Heaven’s glory all to hold my heart Such sweet mystery now i behold That You, my hope had come to life   So all our souls will ever sing For You, alone, this Humble King And through Your birth we’ve found our peace O Star of […]

november the twenty-eighth

The space was alive in a way I had not even dared to recognize. Children were huddled beside the kiosk singing a worship song in Luganda. I joined them in song from where I sat waiting for my twin’s arrival. Children lay on the grass. Children were milling about deep in conversation. The Sunday School […]

this is for the breaking.

I began this post many days ago but I needed to hear His voice so I could know. That there is no shame inside me. When will it settle throughout my every breathe that with clenched fists, i will only ever fail. What set this into motion? How can I possibly explain to you the sumptuous […]

j & g’s wedding registry

For those who this comes as a surprise to….on the 18th of October my best friend and sweetheart asked me to marry him and less than a second later I said ”yes.” I am getting married early next year. I cannot tell you the size of miracle those words and the reality of that statement are. […]

Oli mutukuvu.

It is approaching midnight but I must write. These are pieces of the past two months of this life He has given. ”God’s presence does not come because we sing songs. It does not come because we pray many prayers. It does not come because we dance a lot. His presence comes because we are […]