i’m gabi. wife to the world’s most incredible man. we are raising the three most exquisite daughters  and son that you could ever imagine together. i am a dancer. i am a worshiper. i am moved by beauty and i seek to move only towards such as will bear weight in eternity. our little family resides in a village in Uganda. the truest thing about our family is that we are held and sustained by the One Who brought us together. He’s beginning to be the definition of me. It took me desperation, but I’m reaching for my true reflection. I’m reaching for the Love that defines me, and the grace that frees me. I’m listening for new names like songs in the wind. I’m dancing for freedom. I’m fighting for truth. And He means for me to dwell in hope. See my scars were never meant to be tales of ruin. My scars were meant for life. Just like His.

i am  fond of:

indigo.  pink. the skyline from our veranda.  fairy lights.  mangoes.  butterflies.  second-hand books. borrowed books. brand-new books. every sound the rain has ever echoed.  long hugs. Kitenge.  iced caramel mochas. blankets.  lace. wild jasmine. acoustic music.



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