i want to remember:

Him speaking to my heart: ”do not look back, for history has not shaped you, I have.” sitting on our sitting room floor with my worship team family finally all around me. the most beautiful version of *my* song(”Break Every Chain”) being played that night. how my husband and my brothers and my daughters all gave me every ounce of their patience & their hands to hold, as i summoned up the courage to go and be in that room full of eyes. holding Sarah’s hand and singing ”He has done great things” in English & Lusoga. stepping into my wedding dress for the first time. winning the Jacspot permanently forevermore on April 2nd. the hours that were not filled by held breaths or trembling hands. a breath-giving Easter. the perfection of these words summing up my freedom as evidenced one day in March:” gabi, ensawo kiliwa?”. a brand-new house that doesn’t yet feel much like home. hundreds of recitations of ”no longer slaves.” the choosing of life- several times per hour daily. all of the dross that was burned away. every second of the evening hours of November 28th with Ruthie. the songs i wrote that were never sung. Aisha returning to her roots and joining the football team at church. holding my husband together as we grieved the tragic loss of our sister. having my sister Michaela in my arms finally,  after waiting so very many years to see the light in her eyes as we shared our hearts. hearing my husband drive our first ever vehicle through our gate. the microphones i held. delivering Christmas to a family we love who are not bound by poverty but are bound to the love of Christ.






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